Hearthstone mouse click not registering sometimes

Mouse clicks are not registering in Battlegrounds, mostly when choices are presented that that require mouse click for validation. An example that occurred for me 100% of the time is the final place&rating displayed at the end of the match, that normally required a mouse click to dismiss. Not amount of clicking and/or waiting helps. But sometimes it happened in similar circumstances, for example when required to select the hero at the start. In all cases the game is not freezed (animation on-mouse-over still react for example). Unfortunately there is no way to acknowledge/dismiss these situations with the keyboard in game.
The game works flawlessly otherwise.
Any idea how this problem could be fixed?

I also have this problem, but it only happens when I tab out of the game or change resolution. If I start Hearthstone and continue playing without alt tabbing everything is fine, once I click off the Hearthstone window or change to/from fullscreen I’m no longer able to click any confirmation buttons or settings until I restart the game. Pretty obnoxious, and this happens 99% of the time.

Every now and then I’ll be able to use it with no problems, tab out all I want and change resolution and it’s just fine. I’ve found that this happens only when I start the game and afk for a while. I’m not sure how long exactly, but it would be interesting if you have the same experience. Try opening the game, afking for 5-10 minutes and see if it works fine. This doesn’t always seem to work for me, but it’s really nice when it does, and it continues to work until I restart the game.


After some more sleuthing I believe I found a fix.

In lutris, right click on runner which starts your Hearthstone (or Battle.net), click “Wine registry”. Then navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Wine > X11 Driver, then right click X11 Driver and add a new string “UseTakeFocus”, then modify the value to “N”.

After that it works perfectly fine for me!