Hearthstone black screen even with "-force-d3d9"

Hello guys! So, my problem is really what is says at the title. I have installed hearthstone (and battle.net), I have followed all the instructions that are described in lutris page and, even with the “-force-d3d9” added in both, lutris and hearthstone options I’m still getting a black screen when trying to open the game. Battle net opens just fine.

I’m running a Debian 9 Stretch in my pc. I used to use Linux Mint here, and it was working fine. Does the game still working?

Ty, and I hope someone could help me!

Game works fine in dx9 with -force-d3d9 in the right location.

It also works in DX11 with DXVK.

Can u tell me where is the right location for “-force-d3d9”?

Blizzard App, Hearthstone additional command line arguments.

I did it… Didn’t work… SAD…

Is there a way to check if my game is running using DirectX9? It looks like it’s not.

You can check your OpenGL renderer: glxinfo | grep OpenGL