Having trouble running overwatch in manjaro

Hey, guys. Recently I’ve had some problems with windows and after hearing that my favorite game can run on linux, I decided to make the switch. However, i’ve spent more time troubleshooting than playing.
The first time I installed overwatch, the game ran great. After the shaders were compiled everything ran smoothly. The next day, I played for a bit with a friend, and when I got back on later, I got a black screen on launch. Re-installed the game and DXVK, updated my bios, and then things worked. Two days later, I am having more problems.

Today, I launched overwatch through battlenet like normal. My frames were really shaky so I re-opened the game. After that, the game ran at 75 fps (I usually get 120+). I restarted my computer, and it started acting even weirder. I got the “AMD chipset drivers not detected” error. this has happened a few times, usually goes away when I re-open. I tried re-opening battlenet, and I couldn’t click on anything in the app. When my mouse went over the window, it would disappear. It would reappear when it left the battlenet window area. I rebooted, reinstalled DXVK, same issue.
This is really frustrating, because I’ve heard that a lot of people have no issues running the game. It’s so on-off…I’m really close to reinstalling win 10, something I really don’t want to do.
Is there any fix for this problem? I considered switching to Pop Os but I doubt that would fix anything. I have all of the dependencies installed, bios is up to date, so are all of my packages and the system.
I really appreciate any help- I’m new to the linux gaming scheme. Thanks!

P.S. I’m running manjaro on a ryzen 5 1500x and RX 580 4gb