GW2 fails with Lutris wine builds after 5.7

I am playing GW2 for a while running lutris build 5.7-11. I tried a newer version now but don’t have success. After upgrading to 5.21-2, GW2 login fails. The initial game update works (using port 80). When it comes to game play (including login), GW2 switches to port 6112. Newer versions of lutris wine environment fail after a delay with an error message of login server could not be reached. I tried 5.21, 5.27 and 6.0-rc1 and got the same behavior with all of them.

Switching back to the old version 5.7 allows me to play again. I’m not sure about version between as they aren’t shown at all.

Are there others experiencing this kind of error? Why is network via port 80 working but not port 6112?