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Guild wars 2 does not work

So the game launcher window does not open, nothing visible is happening. clicking “play” on lutris results game’s status switch to running… and the it closes without any notice. Only visible thing telling it has stopped is simply that I can launch the game again from lutris. so here are the files we are asked to provide on support forum…

ty for help ^^

excuse me if I’m breaking the server rules I’m bumping this cos I fixed a link to all those documents. you cant really help me fix the issue without those, can you?
also, please let me know me if the pastebin document expired, and I fix it.

Not much help other than to let you know that I just tried GW2 and it started fine for me. So it isn’t an overall issue from a recent GW2 patch.

Is this a fresh install?

OK, took a gander at the logs and see what I could find and found the following:

Not having Vulkan working would do it. Check the Lutris Vulkan FAQ on how to get Vulkan working: