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[GUIDE] Skyrim LE Modding on Linux

Hi guys I wrote a small guide for a friend on how to get a modded Skyrim environment set up on Linux using Linux Steam / DXVK / ModOrganizer / LOOT / FNIS… with a modified Proton script which you guys may find useful.

However, getting ENB to work on my system is kicking my butt. I wonder if anyone has managed to get that working on their system with either Lutris or native Steam and could share your ideas? *fistbump


Looks nice I will try it at the weekend. I tried last week but i have some problems with Vortex some folder are Textures other textures in windows its fine but under Linux not.

Unfortunately I get MO telling me it can’t handle 64 bit binaries. Though there also was an error on getting vcrun2017 installed. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

The protontricks menu though says that vcrun2017 is already installed.

Hello there. I’ve not played in a while, but I did notice that later versions of Proton are having issues allowing Mod Organizer to run 64 bit .exe. So, I set Skyrim to use “Proton 4.11-13” and followed my guide again, and it seems to work without issue. Maybe you can give that a test and let me know how it goes?