GTAV need win7 service pack 1

hi all,
i recently updated gta v and now if i try to run it, i get a “windows 7 service pack 1 is required in order to launch this title” pop up and then the game closes

i tried to install win7 pack 1 with wine tricks put it didn’t do anything so i probably did it wrong , anyone can point me to a guide on how to add one? what should i do?

i install the game from epic games store

edit: wine version: 6.10
dxvk v1.9L
gpu nevidia 460 geforce gtx 750 ti cpu intel i5 using pop os


Maybe try this, Open lutris, select the game, next to the PLAY button, there is a “Wine Glass” button… click its triangle pointing upwards, click "Wine configuration, sellect either windows 8.1 or windows 10… "it may be in “Windows 7” so change that

hi , thanks for the reply , i tried it, and it was on windows 10 but somehow after this the game worked i could play but not exactly , it doesn’t save the game with errors that “couldn’t connect to Rockstar servers”, what can i do about it?