GTA5 freezes when a keyboard key is pressed. (Arch linux)

Hello. When you press the keys and hold them in the game itself, the FPS counter rises to 0, the picture is frozen. When you release the keys, after a few seconds the game displays the image normally. Can’t tell for sure if this happened after the system was updated. A couple of weeks ago I played the game ok. Complete reinstallation of the prefix, game client and EGS did not help. Switching to the lts kernel did not help, rolling back libinput, which was recently updated, did not help.
full log:

Same issue here, I noticed that controller and mouse still work fine. Also keyboard works on the start menu… If someone has an idea

I solved it, there is a current bug in wine that cause this issue, you can run the game through the latest proton GE 5.21. That will solve the problem.

(you just have to paste the folder in your steam custom proton directory )

This issue is not resolved for me even with the Glorious EggRoll proton build. I have tried lots of different fixes but any keyboard input will still freeze the game.

Same problem here on linux kde neon and rockstar social club launcher (not on steam)