GTA Vice City with Steam Controller

Hi all

Does anyone know if it is possible to use the Steam Controller with GTA Vice City? I love this game and I have previously used a PS3 controller with limited success.

Thanks in advance.

Have you tried using a key mapper program (maps keys to joystick) from the software center, try programs suc such as qjoypad or joy2key.

Hi, thanks for the suggestion. I have tried Qjoypad and joy2key but none of them work properly. sc-controller works excellent with the exception of the bumper keys; the left and right bumper keys on the Steam controller control the camera view and they are analogue so I need to hold each of them in 50% of the way to keep the camera centred. If I let go of them, the camera spins anti-clockwise and down. It seems this is because when the bumpers are not pressed, they give a negative number on the axis, when they are fully pressed they give a positive number on the axis, so they need to both be held in half way in order for both of them to be centred on the axes. Can anyone please suggest how to do this?


Have you tried switching the bumper inputs to the left and right shoulder buttons? I haven’t played gta yet, but I often switch things about through sc-controller to suit my needs for particular games.

Hi, yeah, I’ve tried that but the game ignores those settings and seems to think the left and right triggers are the x and y axes of a mouse.