GTA V install using Epic Launcher shows unknown social club linked in Epic Account

I have Pop OS 22.04 LTS recently installed. I installed Lutris from Pop OS App Store. Then I installed Epic Launcher inside Lutris.

I logged into my Epic Launcher and install GTA V inside Epic Launcher.
It successfully installed the GTA V game.

When I launch GTA V games, it loads with no issue but it asked to log into the Rockstar Social Club to play GTA V game. It also display message saying “We couldn’t sign you in automatically, please login manually using <some_random_mail>”.

The mail address shown in display message is not mine actual mail address.
When I try to login with actual mail address, it gives error saying “Epic Account is already linked with another Social Club account”.

So to test the source of error, I switch Epic Account with my friends which have GTA V in his library.
When I launch the GTA V game, it loads but again the same error is displayed. The interesting point is that the error message shows same previous random mail address linked to epic account.

So I can verify the problem is from the Lutris Side.

I will also attach the screenshot of the error it displays: