GTA 5 keyboard and mouse doesn't work

In GTA 5 mouse and keyboard doesn’t work. When I press any keyboard key I get short freeze and nothing happens (key is not pressed in game. However, when I alt tab to terminal (or activate any other window) and type in it keyboard and mouse does work in game (when active window is not GTA 5 window).
“show log” paste:

I have similar problem. Mouse works fine, keyboard makes a 4s freeze and then nothing happens.
In the games menu both work fine. Please help! Thanks in advance.

I have solved the problem by running the latest version of proton GE (5.21) it patches the issue wine has sometimes with the keyboard in GTA V

(you just have to paste the folder in your steam custom proton directory )

I use the epic game version of GTA, and proton can not run the epic launcher. I installed lutris-5.21-x86_64 and it working fine!

Thanks a lot!

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Could you please tell me:

  1. What version of Lutris are you using right now?
  2. How did you install that exact version of lutris runner to make GTA work?
  3. Does EGS work with this version of runner or are you launching GTA without EGS?
  1. I’m using lutris 0.5.8

  2. I installed GTA using the script provided on the lutris page (for EGS) I just changed the wine version to Proton GE 5.21.
    –> to use this version just extract the tar.gz and put the file in:


then restart lutris and you should get it.

  1. For me EGS works super fine, even better that with some previous versions of wine.
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Thanks, I’ve seen this solution a while ago on Reddit and it worked. For now, it is a working fix.

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