GTA 5 freezes

when i launch GTA5 from the Rockstar Launcher, in the story mode, GTA freezes itself. In particular when I press a button the game blocks itself. After a few seconds it returns normally

A new WIne Lutris version will soon be uploaded by Lutris team, hope this will resolve your issue.

I fixed this issue with proton-GE 5.21

  • Download it
  • extract in .local/share/Steam/compatibilitytools.d
  • In Lutris choose custom wine and browse the proton-GE wine executable
  • launch the game

I hope this patch will be backport in future lutris wine builds

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Thank you for your report, could help others gamers.

That issue is back in Lutris 6.0, the keyboard input patch isn’t backported

you should open an issue on Lutris Github, in Wine section

From where I download it?

You can find it here

I haven’t got the Steam folder in the path you paste

Do you have steam installed? If yes, how did you install it (package manager, flatpack…)

Also, I think it should be OK to extract it anywhere and just select the executable from there.

No I launch GTA from the Rockstar Launcher

if you have steam, create the folder compatibilitytools.d if it’s not present
if not extract anywhere you want

Ok and then? What is the executable in the folder?

You find wine64 in bin folder

Sorry but I don’t understand. I have extract the latest release of Proton. And now? How can I launch the RockStar Launcher with Proton?

In lutris (runner tab), you select custom wine and in the field you browse in the extract folder and select wine executable (folder/dist/bin/wine64)
(You need to enable advanced option in lutris)

Dont pick latest build but 5.21

Thanks now it works!!!