Grid 2 (2013) almost native game

First sorry my bad english.

Finally Grid 2 playing with linux ultra settings.
Grid 2 already my steam library but not work with proton or proton-ge.

install lutris app
install wine runner lutris-5.4
mount game iso
create game launcher
name: grid2
runner: wine (runs windows games)
runner options: lutris-5.4
Nov select setup exe (from mounted iso) Game options Executable: /where/mounted-iso/setup.exe
Save and start
wait wine installing mono and gecko
after install game
Installation ok but need some steps. Require Dx11 and Visual C++ 2010 x86 install.
Now change game options and save. Executable: /where-nstalled/grid2.exe
Note: if need copy some files game dir (c**ck)
Start game :slight_smile:

You can try creating an install script instead of writing it out on the forum (the difference is only that you have to follow a specific format in the install script; there’s docs on the editor page elaborating on the details). Check out existing install scripts (created by others) to see how it’s done.