Graphics Not Working in Games

When launching games it appears that my graphics is no longer working.

On OW2 when I click the play button I get the error: “No compatible graphics hardware was found”
On Yandere Simulator I get the error: “Failed to initialize graphics make sure you have DX11 installed.”

OS: ZorinOS 16.2
lutris --submit-issue: 0bin - encrypted pastebin

Please let me know how to further debug or solve this issue.

It could be various reasons, but one thing to check is that the configured DXVK and vkd3d-proton in Runner Options (enable Advanced view) actually exist.


I have to tell you though, nobody is going to jump through your hoops to decrypt that pastebin submission. That’s pretty silly if you want people in a forum to help you.

Sound like you using the wrong proton versions.
Download ProtonUp-Qt and get the latest proton version and see if that one works.

There’s a recent update to DXVK/VK3D that breaks games under Linux. Try reverting these to the previous version.