Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Can’t play Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (steam) on Ubuntu 17.04 with the default wine version. It’s lagging as hell.

The winehq appdb says the recommended wine version is 1.9.20 but if i switch to that version i can’t even start the game.

Don’t believe what AppDB says, use Wine Staging 2.16 and nothing else unless there’s a good reason to.

I just played through all of San Andreas using Lutris directly to launch the exe (ignoring Steam).

I used Wine 2.16 with windowed virtual desktop and the rest of the settings to default. You might also have better luck downgrading SA to 1.0 and using SilentPatch with WindowedMode if you have a WM, as that was the best way to get it working consistently for me.

You’re trying the game with all graphical settings at low, right? Just to make sure it’s not your machine?

Thanks for your help! I just tried with 2.16 windowed and now it’s working with steam.