Gothic language

I installed Gothic 1 by Lutris. In installation, I selected Polish language, but game is in English.
Another thing is game resolution is larger than screen resolution, but only in menu - in game resolution fits screen resolution.

I try to edit installation script, but there’s no url of gog installer (exe file).

The language you select in the installer is the language FOR the INSTALLER. :wink:
You need to select the language of the game on GOG before you download it.

And finally use the ‘Wine GOG File Version’ install script. :slight_smile:

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I probably use GOG File installer (I don’t see any other GOG installer in list). Lutris automatically download installer, I think.

The GOG install script requires you to download the setup manually from GOG first. :slight_smile:

In my case, when I ran install script, it automatically download Gothic :frowning: .

It asks for the setup file so it does not download anything.

You need to download the Polish version from GOG manually first and then run the Lutris installer. It will then ask you for the setup file and set everything up accordingly. As you downloaded the Polish version, the game will be in Polish. :wink:

Maybe I use different version of Lutris or have installed lgogdownloader wrong. Also, see: (notes). Fragment of this field is: Download gothic from gog.


  1. Click on plus sign in main window, select import games, select gog, click disconnect, close the window.
  2. Select gog game to install, when gog window appears, close it and that’s all!

Mkay… I tried the import as you described and it’s not working at all for me. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

However downloading the game from GOG manually (in the desired language other than English) and using the install script on the site works without problems. Maybe give it a try. :wink: