Goginstaller does not exist - Trying to install Undertale from GOG

It is my first time using Lutris on my Manjaro install and I’m trying to install my GOG games.
Undertale installs and in the end posts the error: goginstaller does not exist.

Am I doing something wrong? What can I do?

Also, does the game support cloud saving with GOG if I install it this way?

I’ve got the same problem with Windward and other games. It seems like it doesn’t even go to selecting an installer. And if it downloads one, it can’t find it.

it’s a recent bug: you can no more download automatically GOG games with Lutris.
This bug will be fixed in the next version.
Until then, a workaround:

  • disconnect from GOG in Lutris parameters
  • download your game directly from your GOG account page
  • When Lutris will ask for GOG credentials, press escape
  • you can now use Lutris browse to find your downloaded package

Will the fix just no longer auto-download GOG games or are you going to switch APIs and do something more akin to what the MiniGalaxy project does to download games?