GOG install, best practices?

If I own games on GOG and I use the auto install feature, this is the best way to install gog owned games right? I don’t have to tinker with them?

I am trying to install games to my SD but when I go ahead point to my SD card, every step of the install keeps trying to install into my deck not the SD card, even when I went into settings and made that the default option.

Then, the installed game will want to create it’s own folder somewhere in the install process, do I switch from trying to download the game to my SD card to the sub folder within it that contains the game file?

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Normally I select install then choose where to install the game.

Then once install is completed, rather than launch the game I check the configuration, for cyberpunk or the witcher i just ensure that the latest runner, etc is there

Then if needed check advanced settings. Usually not needed anymore

Yes, GoG installers will create a separate prefix for everything, under in whatever your default path is set to. I take it by “auto install,” you mean you are taking the “auto generated” install option. Never used those before.

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Just tried one on a GoG title and it installed a game without a prefix directory defined in configuration, which is going to cause issues similar to what you are describing.

Might just be a bug, and you could manually fill in the fields, but for now I am going to avoid the auto generated installers :slight_smile:

Edit: Running Lutris 5.14