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I’m new to Lutris, so this question may be an old one.

I want to use Lutris to play GOG Games, but I have downloaded a lot of games already (the files for offline installation without the need for galaxy). When I am using the GOG scripts from the Lutris Website, the Lutris game installation process wants me to download the games again. How can I avoid this?

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Don’t use those scripts in first place. My approach is like this.
Start Lutris
Click +
Select “Install game from windows executable”
Select GOG setup.exe of your game (.bin files should exist in same dir)
Wait until installation process finishes, that may take some additional time at the end.
When done, exit here, do not start the game.
Configure your game to your likings (select game exe, FSR, special env vars, etc.)
Save and run.
Works in 99% of all installations for me.

This way nothings gonna get downloaded.
Have fun

Hi Fendrick,

and thank you for your reply.

I do know the option “install game from windows executable”. But when I use this option, most of the games will not run after installation (at least on my system), and I am not familiar enough with wine / with the configuration of Lutris, so it is not possible for me to run most of the games.

So, after your reply, I have two questions:

  1. Am I right that using the scripts may solve many of my problems with running the games, because the scripts include the correct configurations for the games? If the answer is “yes”, can I use (if necessary with easy modifications) these scripts WITHOUT downloading the games from gog.com?

  2. If the way described in question 1) cannot be successful: Is there another way to get the necessary configuration to run the games?

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Bit late to reply here, but to answer your questions, yes, some scripts do contain special settings to make the game work. It is a bit trail and error, especially when the script in question is old. When adding a game manually, another trick is to look at protondb.com to see what other users did to make the Steam version of the game work. Also, a quick search using your favorite search engine might bring results.

As for installing already downloaded installers, when you click next and see the installers to download, you can specify that you can install from a local file. So both manual and script give that option.

Hi tfk,

thanks for your assistance, it is helpful to know that I can use the scripts with already downloaded files, too.

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