[GOG] Games Disappeared and Have Not Shown Up

I got a popup that my GOG token had expired, so I disconnected the GOG account and signed in again, but my game library does not show up. I have tried various combinations of closing Lutris, disconnecting/reconnecting my GOG account, hitting the refresh icon and even restarting my computer. However, I still do not see my game library. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

I am running PopOS 22.04, and the FlatPak version of Lutris 0.5.17.

Disable Show Installed Games Only

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  • Basically you log in into your account, go to your games and find an empty shelf?
  • Or can’t you login anymore ?

just open GOG.com directly and check your account there instead to try other things.

Thank you. That solved the issue! They reappeared.

magic :rofl: