GOG Galaxy 2.0

Anyone know how to download GOG Galaxy 2.0? Does they’re site not let linux os download?


I can’t find a way to download.

That is the same question that i asked myself earlier…no, there is no. You have to download Gog Client running Windows, on Windows there will be button to download for Windows. BTW, after recent upgrade it does not work at all for Linux. Launcher works, but all games that you own launched via Client will report crash as soon as they are launched. Only exe works, so don’t bother. Last version that worked for linux was before 1.2.64.

Technically you can just use a browser extension to change the OS name that your browser gives to pages / sends in requests.

By the way, the request to release Galaxy for Linux stayed among the most voted for a while now and it had status “in progress” for a while as well.

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GOG Galaxy 2.0 works fine with WINE overall and a large majority of games run, update and cloud sync. I have 300 plus game sync and can move both GOG Galaxy 2.0 and the games to multiple Linux machines without issue’s.

They’re are two main issue’s, GOG Galaxy 2.0 runs sluggish in WINE, a couple games fail to install or update. Lastly most WINE Runners don’t seem to support vulkan based games. Proton 4.11 works with vulkan games, but doesn’t work with GOG Galaxy 2.0. They’re doesn’t appear to be a HUD for vulkan only directX based games.

When games aren’t launching, disable overly for game, if that fails, open fold and run executable lastly just select game executable in wineprefix instead of the gogclient.exe

Obviously CDP should just support Linux and put this all to bed, but I’m sure they’re come around one day. They are currently busy making one of the most ambitious games Cyberpunk 2077.

I made my GOG account in October 2017.
The linux port, IIRC, was marked as “in progress” on the community wish list. With features that 2.0 brings, I doubt the linux version is coming any time soon.

I just hope their Linux support won’t be limited to games with Linux version…

Indeed. We already got Minigalaxy for that.
There is also: https://github.com/diddlesnaps/gog-galaxy-wine
But I have found it to be pretty unstable.

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It was pretty stable for me, so I liked it a lot. It’s been the easiest solution so far, that I’ve found. But I’d rather have native Galaxy 2.0, obviously.

Following and watching Lutris main site for cyberpunk 2077. lets see what happens Dec 10th

You can download the setup from this direct link:

I have just installed the latest version via Lutris with Proton 5.21-GE1 and preloaded Cyberpunk 2077.
The client runs relatively well, considering that over 2000 games have been loaded.
I am curious if I can get Cyberpunk working on release day.

How can Lutris make use of Proton? Didn’t know that was possible.

If you have Steam installed, copy your Proton builds (e.g. Proton-GE) into:
Alternative you can extract Proton in:
Lutris should automatically detect Proton builds after a relaunch.