Glitched Text

I am trying to run a visual novel, and the text in the VN is appearing so, I’m not sure why is there a locale I need to install through terminal?
The text there is in English.
I got a another VN where in the text box there’s literally nothing no words.


These are my settings if anything


You can read the text, but looks like either a missing image, or a maybe a font underneath the English text being used as a semi-transparent background (but because it can’t find it, it renders those blocks).
You might be able to Google an image from the game that shows what it should look like, and track down the font or image that isn’t being rendered.

Run Lutris in debug mode (lutris -d | tee lutrisDebug.log) and look at the log after running the game to see if it complains about missing anything.
If it is running under WINE then you can try winetricks to install corefonts or the japanese typeface. If it is meant to be just white text on a black background, it may be a transparency issue, so maybe try a different WINE version. The game run log may also give you some info.