Getting Logs on Steam Deck

I have a game that–ever since I updated my Steam Deck’s OS–works in Desktop Mode, but not in Game Mode (it used to work in both). I’m trying to get debug logs to figure out why, but I can’t see logs generated in Game Mode when I’m in Desktop Mode.

I’ve enabled “Output debugging info”, but when I run the game from Game Mode, then return to Desktop Mode to attempt to view the logs by right-clicking the game in Lutris and selecting “Show logs”, there’s just an empty window with no logs in it. I’ve tried searching my system for log files in all the Lutris folders I could find, but haven’t come up with anything.

So, uh, how do?

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Bumping this since it’s been a week with no reply. Is there a way to tell Lutris to record persistent logs, so I can inspect them from Desktop Mode?

I can’t try right at the moment but I would try to alter the Steam shortcut launch options with something like:

run net.lutris.Lutris -d lutris:rungameid/9 > /home/deck/<outputfile>.log

This should launch Lutris in debug mode and save the output to a logfile.