Getting brand new game working on Linux

Hello, there is a new game that came out today called Little Busters! English Edition. I was hoping it’d work out the gate, but the game freezes before getting to the title screen. Could I get some tips about how to get it running?

Small update. The game will launch and I can skip some of the logos, but after a second everything locks up.

For some reason, the window border looks like a Windows XP border, rather than the normal Linux window border my other games have.

Here is a game log.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. What other places should I ask?

Is anybody able to help…?

What linux are your running?

I use Solus as my distro of choice.

Aw man sorry I dont know a lot about solus, barely got the hang of ubuntu. No wonder the log seemed nothing like I’ve ever seen. Good luck though…

Still have no idea how to get this game working.

Still need assistance, please. Here is an image of the the game at startup, which has a Windows XP border for some reason…

Attempting now with Wine-staging 2.20… Still can’t find a fix.