Genshin impact v2.7

Good morning, a cordial greeting, colleagues, I created this new article for the latest update of genshin impact which is not compatible with patch 2.6 published by lutris. I would like to know if there is any patch that works with version 2.7 ? Thank you


Hello linkott!

The patch being provided through the lutris interface is actually made by a completely unconnected developer, who normally follows a pattern as follows:
Tuesday: Genshin Impact’s new version release, old patch no longer works
Wednesday: Initial “alpha test” patch version released - not guaranteed to work, may get your GI account deleted, use at your own risk
Thursday/Friday: Intense testing from people using “throwaway” accounts to make sure it works, doesn’t crash your game, and doesn’t get your account deleted for “cheating”
Saturday: Actual patch release, along with polite request from the patch developer to not distribute it publicly
A few days to a week or so later: The Lutris installer’s owner updates the installer’s available patch to the new version

The bad news is, on Friday of last week (before the new GI version even came out) the site the developer who makes the linux patch uses for his patch had a major hardware failure, and they’re still in the process of restoring literally all of their customer data from backup, which means we’re probably going to be delayed by at least a week on this version.

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ok, i got it and thanks so much