Genshin Impact installer issues - wrong patch url(s)

Both patches were recently renamed and relocated at their respective source sites and the new installer insists on fetching these from their old locations before allowing installation to continue.

I tried editing the install script to point to the correct places but I just get errors when it tries to execute them. I’m brand new to linux so I can’t offer any more help than this but it will need fixing in order for this to work again. Luckily I had a clonezilla backup of my previous Ubuntu install so I managed to rip the game from that in order to start playing again.

Here are the new patch locations:
[Patch] is now at: Krock/dawn: ~ User Patch ~ | Feedback: - Free code hosting
[Patcher] is now at: Sora Nai / gi-lutris · GitLab

Sorry I can’t help any further, I tried for hours and ended up having to grab it from a previous installation before the script was changed. - Thanks.