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Genshin Impact: Fixing Black Screen on install screen on Linux Mint 21

Hi there,

I tried to install Genshin Impact with the install script from lutris, but failed each time on the installation window which stayed black. All other stuff installed well.
I than tried to install the game with epic games launcher where the setup went through installation and the screen wasn’t black. unfortunately they game installed but still missing the anticheat so it wouldn’t run, but at least I didn’t have a black window for installation.

After that I decided to manually install the Windows Application “GenshinImpact_install_mihoyo.exe” from file over lutris.
I don’t know exactly why I get a black screen with installer script but this way it worked for me to NOT get a black window. Maybe someone can explain the difference why it worked this way.
After finally installing an getting the updates I quit the launcher and went coping all files from the manual installation to the one I got from lutris script.

After that I was able to run the patch script but when starting the game I just saw a fullscreen desktop with wallpaper and the game in the top left corner but couldn’t click it. seemed like frozen.

This made me guess it has something to do with virtual desktop and found it in the runner settings of wine for this game.
The Windowed Mode (Virtual Desktop) was enabled which is disabled by default. After switching this the game is finally running.

Guess in this case we could just adjust the script to not use windowed mode in case you encounter same behavior than me.

I will check to see if I can adjust the script myself to use normal mode and not virtual desktop and report back if I got it.

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