Games won't play using lutris?

No games will launch using lutris, I don’t know why, they will launch through steam but lutris is doing nothing.I have included a screenshot of the logs. I am running Manjaro, please help.

When you type this in a console:

which steam

Does it show this?


If it’s there then you can also paste this call into the same console:

/usr/bin/steam steam://rungameid/391540
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Yes thank you this works, however my problem is that I can’t run any games through lutris not even non steam games such as minecraft. I don’t need lutris to run these games however I would like to know why I can’t. Thanks.

Strange. Lutris doesn’t do much more than what you did via de console.

You are running Lutris under your own account? Not root right?

Best thing to do is launching Lutris from a console and look for error messages.

#start lutris...

I managed to fix this with a fresh install of manjaro

If I were to hazard a guess I would think file system.

Good that you sorted it though.

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