Games won't launch

After recently updating my OS, games simply won’t launch with Lutris. They failed with existing installs and with a new game install I made for testing purposes.

System info: - System info

Debug report: - Lutris debug

Game logs state “Failed to execute process. Check that the file exists” after attempting to run. Naturally I checked and yes, the file in question exists.

Not sure if this is a bug or if it’s peculiar to my situation.

Edit: looking more closely, seems I’m missing a bunch of libraries.

Edit 2: Worth mentioning that the OS update erred and I had to do a “refresh install,” which meant losing some previously installed programs, including, as it turned out, Feral Game Mode. I need to reinstall it, but in the meantime removing the command prefix for Game Mode in Global Options solved the issue.

(I’m still curious about those missing libraries in the attached system report, unless I’m misreading the thing.)

Did you install a runner ?

I designated a runner, if that’s what you mean. Wine came installed with my distro, so I didn’t think I needed to install anything.