Games installation help (raspberry pi4)

hello ,

i m new to lutris , i m using twister os on raspberry pi4 (have also tried on ubuntu mate 20.04)

now to install any game e.g silent hill , i click on left top icon add game & i launch in my browser , search the game nd click install , some downloading starts but when i reach the step where it says to mount the disk , when i go into the folder , default folder where the games data was downloaded its empty…i have looked everywhere for the downloaded data , for the executable i cant find it , the games folder is empty.

i followed some tutorials on YouTube & followed guide steps on lutris support forum , where i can see that the games downloaded data is in games folder but unfortunately for me its empty , i deleted the whole os twister & downloaded ubuntu mate bu its the same no game data …

can anyone please help me where does all the data go or why does it disappear.

i ll be very thankful…

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I have problems too. When i install a game like Magic The Gathering Arena or load a game in the SDisk like Heroes of Might and Magic 3 the games never work. When i start Lutris it says i didnt have vulkan and send me a link to install. there i tried all the commands but never worked. I saw a movie and he tells me how to install vulkan. I did his way but i cant use. What should i do? My OS is the Twister OS.

You will find some answers here: