Games in lutris crashes


Been using lutris for a week now and all of my non steam games works well until today all of my games crashes after a couple of seconds in steam deck. Apologies, I’m totally a newbie when in comes to linux.

INFO:2022-12-08 23:17:22,959:startup]: GPU: 1002:163F 1002:0123 (amdgpu drivers)
[INFO:2022-12-08 23:17:23,267:startup]: Startup complete
[ERROR:2022-12-08 23:18:12,842:nvidia]: Unable to load
[WARNING:2022-12-08 23:18:12,843:nvidia]: Unable to locate libGLX_nvidia
[INFO:2022-12-08 23:18:12,996:game]: Discord RPC Disabled or Discord APP ID Not Present
[WARNING:2022-12-08 23:18:45,043:game]: Game still running (state: running)
[INFO:2022-12-08 23:18:45,044:game]: Stopping Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered (wine)

thank you!

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