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Games for Windows Live - anyone had luck setting this up in WIne?

Hi all,

Since Dirt 3 is not available on Steam anymore I bought a DVD copy. The game installs OK. The problem is it requires GFWL to run. I installed GFWL from media disc and tried to lsunch it to set it up but it hangs at every launch. Has anyone tried to launch GFWL in Wine? Are there any addtional libraries needed or do I need to set specific DLL overrides for this to work?

Any help highly appreciated, Thanks!

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Please check the pinned thread and get some logs.

Thanks for a reply and sorry for taking your time.

Actually I made it work without fully functioning GFWL app, with trial and error method. I found out there is a little patch called XliveLess, originally made for Fuel, which works well with Dirt 3 (and maybe other GFWL games too). It disables GFWL and online play but allows for profile creation and game saving. GWFL still needs to be installed but it’s being ommited in the long run. Game launches OK and plays OK with all single player functionality.

Best regards!