Games don't launch. "Failed to execute process. Check that the file exists" error

Hello everyone, I have problem with Lutris client.
When I’m launching any game I get this error:

Failed to execute process. Check that the file exists
2021-10-23 16:18:04,002: No file /tmp/lutris-67be2cc9-bbe5-4159-9b71-30505e01c420
2021-10-23 16:18:05,969: Game still running (state: running)
2021-10-23 16:18:05,969: Stopping GOG Galaxy (wine)
2021-10-23 16:18:05,969: The game has run for a very short time, did it crash?

Before that, I have had error, and I fixed it with installing Nvidia drivers(which is very strange since I have an AMD video card)

lutris -d : Ubuntu Pastebin
lutris-sumbit-issue : Ubuntu Pastebin

Lutris version -
System - Ubuntu 20.04

Thank you in advance for help!

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Did you install a runner to launch a game ?