Games aren't properly sorted

Example: Opsu! is a version of Osu! and CorsixTH is a version of Theme Hospital, yes, but why isn’t Lix a version of Lemmings and OpenTTD isn’t a version of Transport Tycoon Deluxe?

Problem with current solution besides inconsistency: You can’t search for Opsu! and CorsixTH or OpenRCT2.

Lix and OpenTTD are standalone games, CorsixTH needs the original Theme Hospital game assets to run, that makes CorsixTH an engine, not a game (I don’t know a thing about opsu!)

We’re consistent about this: games get their Lutris page, engines don’t. But the real problem is that we haven’t implemented games aliases or redirects yet which will solve your problem when we do.

opsu is a completely new written game which can use the same map files for song as osu.

Redirecting would help a lot.

And what’s with Settler2.5? It needs the original game files (which makes it an engine not a game) but is listed as it’s own game.

It’s also another game from The Settlers II, right? The maps and missions are not the same? If so, it deserves its place as its own.

Settler2.5 is a port of Settler 2 Gold for new systems. Maps and missions are the same. New maps are also available.

In that case, it would be best fit as an installer for the Settlers II.