Gamemode problem

I have a problem with a gamemode.
Here is the error I am getting

“ERROR: object ‘/usr/$LIB/’ from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded (cannot open shared object file): ignored.”

I checked the location and the file mentioned in the error is not there, however it is in another folder, so I want to ask what I can do to make the file load from another location than the one indicated in the error

I see the same error in my logs as well.

You are probably missing the 32 bits libraries, what distribution are you running and how did you install gamemode?

For me, it’s Ubuntu 20.04, and I’m just using whatever Gamemode comes preinstalled in Lutris.

Mint 20.1

The 32 bits libaries are not available in the Ubuntu 20.04 repositories, I suppose there is the same issue with Linux Mint 20.1. Most of the games requires the 32 bits binaries and libraries. I suggest you uninstall you current version of gamemode and download the latest 32 and 64 versions from the Debian repositories:

sudo apt-get autoremove gamemode
sudo apt-get install -f /path/to/{gamemode,libgamemode}*.deb
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Thanks! I didn’t know that the order in which they’re installed matters. It seems gamemode-daemon needs to be installed first, then the lib’s, then gamemode.

The installation order should not matter. What matters is having the right libraries.