Game stop almost immediately after start


I am new user of lutris so forgive me if it’s stupid Q.

The game stop almost immediately after start, I see that button play change to launching and after to stop. But Time played: leave, never play.

How I installed?

  1. Installed lutris by sudo add-apt-repository ppa:lutris-team/lutris && sudo apt update && sudo apt install lutris
  2. I went there and clicked install: Happyland Adventures - Lutris
  3. Also installed this sudo apt-get install libopusfile0
  4. restart

I am using ubutnu 21.04, xiaomi mibook 13’

Thank you for any suggestions : ]
Peek 2021-09-09 20-38

try running lutris from a terminal, press “play” and then check what error it shows in the terminal