Game showing up on wrong monitor

Hello all,

I have been working on fixing this for a few days now.

My setup. I have Linux Mint 20.04 Mate, RX 580 GPU. Monitor 1 set as primary in OS and connected via HDMI on the left side. Monitor 2 is an extended display connected via DVI set on the right side.

Most games I open via Lutris open on my primary(left) monitor like I want. However, Blizzard games for some reason all open on my right monitor. The only way I have been able to fix this is to set my right monitor to shut off when I launch these games, which is less than ideal. I have tried setting the primary monitor option(located above the shut off monitor option) but that does not seem to have an effect.

The games I am having this issue on are Diablo 3 and Wow both launched through the app(which itself opens on the correct(left) monitor, and Diablo 2 D2SE mod(again the mod launcher opens on the correct(left) monitor but the game itself opens on the right). I can not figure out what the issue could be here. I have asked this question on r/Lutris and didnt get any suggestions that fixed the issue. I did not include any error logs or anything because there isnt really any actual error going on here.

Let me know if you need any more information from me.

You probably get no answer because no one has one. The complexity of multi monitor makes it difficult as well as there’s all kinds of things that can affect it.

You might be able to force a monitor through some application.

Some applications or OS possibly learn which monitor to open something on but you can’t drag and drop unless the game is windowed.

These games might in general have an issue with multi monitor (I have no idea). These games obviously do something different or don’t do something that the others do which could be another problem as maybe Wine has the problem.

Could be some other thing but its a complex situation so I can’t remember everything possible. Gpu drivers, OS settings, registry hacks, 3rd party applications, game config files, etc etc etc. Developers of multi monitor made it over baked and too complex for its own good.

i know it is late, but i just found this out myself: righclick on the panel where the game is displayed and then choose “move to the other monitor” … it’s that easy! :wink:

I had the same stupid problem. In my case the panel was the problem in the dual monitor setup.

It wasn’t important, which monitor was on the HDMI and the display port socket on the GPU or which one was the primary monitor.

When one monitor had a panel the game opened on the other one. When both monitors were panel’d I alway got the game on the wrong one.
The panel auto hide function did not change this.