Game ratings and comments are gone for all games?

I just noticed that apparently all ratings and comments are gone? Is this a bug, or have they been removed?

If they have been removed: Why?! This is horrible and makes Lutris almost worthless for me.

For example StarCraft II was rated platinum, Overwatch was rated gold. I switched to Linux because of these ratings. Now there is not a single indication whether they are working at all. If they are really gone, this would be a hard blow for Linux gaming, as it would essentially be limited to Steam (with protondb). I won’t buy a game if I have to guess whether it’s working or not.

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While I agree that it would be useful to have the ratings, If you are looking for a way to see if/how the game works on linux, I would recommend checking the game’s wineHQ entry. Since most Windows games are run by Lutris using WINE, the rating for most games is about the same.