Game not starting after installation The Witcher

Hi guys, I am hoping to get some help on this issue here but we will see, I will start by saying that I have a more complicated set up So I try to get the things needed but I am not sure how to get them. So I will start with my set up.

I have an Asus Chromeboook Plus CM3401 Flip, Ryzen 3 7000 series 8 gigs ram and a 500gig nvme drive. I ghave the Linux development turned on (debian bookworm) and lutris installed from flatpak. I have a couple games installed that work ok, Neverwinter nights diamond, Neverwinter Nikghts 2 (though not all the install scripts work), and The Witcher 2 that also works. I am struggling with the first Witcher as it will install with the game launching but it never opens up.

Output from the terminal is in the attached picture.

The last line about cancelling happens when I click abort after waiting hours with nothing happening. I will try to get the information needed, sorry.

Other errors when installing included 256 error, file missing error, and a renice error.

Here is another screen shot after trying to install the game. This is of the terminal.

Paste in here

lutris -d command output here: