Game issue with primus vk

Hello, I have a problem trying to use primus_vk for world of warcraft with lutris. I am on fedora 30.

I installed primus_vk and set up the game configuration settings as:
Optimus launcher: primus vk
Vulkan ICD loader: Auto(Default) -in the first test-
Vulkan ICD loader: primus_vk_wrapper.json -in the second test-

So in the first case, the launcher and game both launch but the display looks really weird …

And in the second case, the launcher launch well but I have an error starting the game (3d accelerator card not supported)

I don’t know where the error comes from…
Do you have an idea ?

(sorry for my bad english)

TEST 1 screen display:

There you can find the log for test 1:


(sorry for multiples posts (I could not be able to post all in the same topic)

Now I can launch the game with the game config
Optimus launcher: primus vk
Vulkan ICD loader: Auto(Default)

without the weird display in the launcher, but still weird in the game … And I don’t know why the launcher looks good now…

EDIT: I am 90% sure that the problem comes from between primus_vk and DXVK beacause if I disable it in settings, I dont have problems but the game is very laggy