Game install fails because of .NET 4.8

Hi there,

I don’t know if it’s a common problem with Wine and Lutris but it definitely pissed me off as a new Lutris user with the very first Windows game I was trying to launch on Linux. My system is Pop!_OS v21.04 (Ubuntu) with the latest NVidia drivers 470.86 and all the dependencies required by Lutris.
I’m trying to install Prepar3D v5.2 which is a flight simulator by Lockheed Martin. It’s funny coz I’m not a gamer at all and this sim is the only “game” I’ve been in love for years. But I’ve completely moved to Linux for more than a year now and would like to take my sim with me too…
Installation starts OK but when it reaches the part with .NET 4.8 install, it fails miserably. I thought you may find checking the log file useful.

I’ll appreciate any help. Thank you!

Ow there are many issues with Flight Simulator and Prepar3D is part of that family too. Apart of issues with the UI expect other issues to pop up.

This is a piece of software you have to tinker with. I would suggest to create a prefix and installing winetricks beforehand and then start the setup so the setup has everything it needs to function. Then focus on the sim itself.

WineHQ has an entry for Flight Simulator X with many posts on what was needed to make it somewhat run. Maybe it will help you.