Game in virtual wine window is not centered

Hey mates!

Recently installed Star Trek Starfleet Command III, which installs fine.

When having a single monitor, it plays as expected, very nice.

But upon having a second monitor plugged in, the virtual wine desktop is being created and doesn’t render stuff. I realized by resizing this virtual wine window, that the game is displayed to the right, like if “one screen distance” away spawned.

So the 1920x1080 wine window is empty, but to the right of it, the 1920x1080 game is being displayed.

Here is an example screenshot:

You see on the left screen, that it’s not rendering anything (it just shows my wallpaper, which was under it), and begins to display the game “one screen away”. The virtual wine window has been resized by dragging the edges.

Is this a known error and is there a fix for it?

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If you are running KDE those kinds of issues can usually be fixed by hitting alt-F3 while in the game then setting your screen to display in the correct window, in the correct location. I actually change my screen resolution when running Starfleet Command variants so that they run mostly full screen.

It can be a little tricky to set that up, but it’s worth figuring it out because once you do you don’t need to figure it out again. I set up KDE activities with different resolutions then use scripts to change my resolution before and after games.

I can share those scripts if you like, although tbh it’s been so long since I wrote them that I would have a difficult time explaining them…