"Game has quit"

When i want to run league of legends it says "Preparing to run League of Legends and “Playing League of Legends”
and then, nothing opens and says “Game has quit” yesterday i installed the game and i could play, i even played some rankeds, but today i can’t even open the game :confused:

Now i just restarted my computer and the game runs, but the login screen (the launcher) is fully black

I can’t run it as well. Trying wine 3.4, 3.4 staging, 3.6, 3.7, 3.7 staging, always some errors. In one case login screen has appear for a short moment, then it disappear and has opened again in loop. Other time it freezes on login screen. Another time bug splat. This game is like waste of time. One version everything works well, and then small patch of game and it become a piece of crap and you have to fight with this again. I understand why riot doesn’t develop native linux version, but they could make it easier to turn on through wine.
I don’t see any reason to paste here logs from my attempts. Every version of wine generated different errors. Some of them repeat itself but it isn’t significant.

I can’t even run the game. Lutris keeps on telling me that the launcher hasn’t been found

What launcher? lol launcher? Check in lutris configuration if it is indicates on launcher and location is correct.

I have made it working with wine-staging-3.4. I just changed prefix architecture from auto to 64bit. But it’s working horrible, no reasons to be happy. It crashes several times in one minute and even when i’m in lobby. Fps are really low, average ~20. It’s not playable at all. Furthermore, main page isn’t loading (but it isn’t problem for me). I’ll still testing, but i’m a bit exhausted with this workarounds.
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@toidi I wanted try 3.6-staging, but in opensuse repos isn’t this version of wine, and i can’t find source for this version.

For the time being, I would suggest trying to get the game to run using the ge 3.6 staging build. It has several patches for games built in, as well as PBA (generally has a huge effect on performance).

You can also try the DXVK patches to see if you get better performance out of your games (there is a tutorial and Discussion thread here in the forums).

Do you mean this?

I also noticed that there is no Riot folder where Lutris was supposed to install the game

Yes. Executable is empty. “LeagueClient.exe”
Lutris doesn’t create riot file. You can look if there is lol installed.

Do you know the path for LeagueClient? How can I set it up in Lutris conf?