Game freezes on startup, but works when minimized and reopened

As the title says, I have a game that keeps freezing. It will freeze after afew seconds, but if you minimize it and reopen it works again. The longer you minimize, the longer it works, up to about 30 seconds.

If anyone has an idea, please let me know.

Are you using ?


If yes, you should increase


I have same problem on friends computer with older graphic (AMD HD 7950). I turn off DXVK, allowed PBA_ENABLE, but still was there problem, after set __PBA_GEO_HEAP to 3072 (I set same memory as GPU is) it problem was solved.

I was not using a wine version with PBA. If it’s a memory issue, how would I fix in a new or the old prefix?

I’m not sure how fix it without pba, I use pba wine everytime. Do you tried it with pba wine ?

are you using radeon drivers or AMDGPU drivers?
lspci -k | grep -EA3 ‘VGA|3D|Display’
to check.

I have a NVIDIA GTX 965M and using NVIDIA drivers.

Still haven’t fixed the issue and still looking for help and advice.