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Game failing to launch after working before


I am looking for help on figuring out what may have caused my game to no longer launch when it was working with no issues before. When I click play nothing happens visually and the button shows “Stop” forever until I manually click it. The game in question is The Sims 1. I installed the game using Vulkan version script found here: The Sims - Lutris and have made no changes after the installation.
My troubleshooting shoots steps have been, restart pc, and try different wine versions in the config.
I am wondering if maybe I did some update which may have broke some dependencies. I do have the debug log from launching the game and would like to know if I should just paste the whole thing in text here, or if there is a better way to show the log.

I am using Manjaro Linux.
Thank you

Please follow the pinned thread to get the log an upload it to the Ubuntu pastebin

Did you pin a thread here? I apologize as I am not seeing it…

The first post in the main page

Ah figured it out.
Here is the web link for the log entry.

Looking through the log and am wondering if this is possibly an issue?
info: OpenVR: could not open registry key, status 2
info: OpenVR: Failed to locate module

I am not sure what the module is though

Anyone have an idea on where I should start with troubleshooting? Would re-running the installation script possibly cause a problem if the game is already installed?

You should backup the save files. Look at the pcgamingwiki for the location. Then you can reinstall without worries.

I will do that and let you know the results.
Thank you

I backed up the userdata files which according to pcgamingwiki are the save data files. Then I uninstalled and reinstalled the sims and it launched with a fresh install. I then copied my save files back over and it had the same issues as before. So must be something with the save files that borked the game. Not sure why as I am not using any mods. Something must have happened during game play that corrupted my save.

Mmmmm… Is there a user configuration file in the user data? You could try deleting that.

Edit: According to pcgamingwiki it is the Options.iff file. Delete that, cross your fingers and try again