"Game failed to initialize Steam. You must have Steam running."

Hello, I am new in this, but I can’t find an answer anywhere: I am using Pop_OS! and the latest wine runner possible (lutris-fshack-7.2-x86_64) to run it. I only have this problem with Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition, seems to be the only one with this weird Steam requirement. I have the game installed in another drive, I have tried with steam opened on my main drive while trying to play, but it doesn’t detect it, it always return the error from the screenshot below, not sure what to do or how to let it know where Steam is or ignore it; the Logs don’t return any error either…

I’d appreciate the help!
Screenshot from 2022-07-11 22-29-08

Sorry to bring this topic back up but I am having this problem and haven’t found a solution. Has anyone figured out how to work around this? Using lutris-GE-Proton8-15-x86_64

  1. lutris version should be 0.5.16 - you indicating proton8-15 as your wine version indicates you have an older wine as the current release is ge-wine-8-26
  2. if the game giving you this error was not installed through an installer from lutris.net, then search for the game on lutris.net and use the installer
  3. read the pinned message - no logs makes help hard
  4. if its cracked try reddit or something similar for support
  5. if its a steam game, if it won’t run on steam lutris will not be able to make it run

Using latest release, same error. I am using a cracked version. I then searched reddit, found some users with similar problems but no solutions. Reading further, it seems LAN multiplayer seems to be online only which is a bummer. I will just wait to for a sale on Steam and grab it there. Thanks for your help.