There was a write up of Gallium-Nine-Standalone on phoronix the other day and I was wondering if any has anyone got this working with Lutris

since my laptop aging, Gallium-Nine and Oibaf is the only way to have working Lutris properly now, since Wine 4 my laptop graphics were left out of the game, noticeable in Blizzard application.

Are you using the stand-alone Gallium-Nine or Wine with it buildin? Also which Mesa are you using, Ubuntu’s 18.2.2 supports this by default, but I don’t know about earlier versions.

Gallium-Nine-Standalone seems ideal for supporting Gallium Nine with Lutris, one could for example enable or disable Gallium-Nine independently of the Wine-Version chosen.

Gallium-Nine-Standalone is meanwhile available also for Arch AUR: gallium-nine-git.