Fusion360 exit code 256

installing fusion 360.
lutris 7.2.2 runs no matter which wine handler I install/uninstall.
ie: i cannot force an older wine handler under preferences>runner which intuitively would be there for troubleshooting
or to run an older version of the wine handler… however when I install fusion, it ignores this entirely and installs 7.2.2
no matter which wine handler i install or uninstall. ie: why the f**k is there even an option if it forces the later? /confused about this option.

error code:
initial process has exited (return code: 256)
Monitored process exited.
Exit with return code 256

the lutris program itself hangs and stops responding entirely. There are no wine or .exe files running in the system monitor
as I followed the warning to look for them to terminate if a hang occurred. I left lutris on this error running from a few minutes to over an hour on several attempts.

lutris -d  INT ✘  13m 19s 
INFO 2022-09-08 21:39:14,761 [startup.init_lutris:173]:Starting Lutris
WARNING 2022-09-08 21:39:14,800 [libretro.get_libretro_cores:24]:No folder at /home/terry/.local/share/lutris/runners/retroarch/
DEBUG 2022-09-08 21:39:14,810 [xrandr._get_vidmodes:15]:Retrieving video modes from XrandR
INFO 2022-09-08 21:39:14,850 [startup.check_driver:65]:Running AMD Mesa driver 22.1.6 on AMD Radeon RX 560 Series (polaris11, LLVM 14.0.6, DRM 3.40, 5.10.136-1-MANJARO) (0x67ff)
INFO 2022-09-08 21:39:14,850 [startup.check_driver:77]:GPU: 1002:67FF 1462:8A91 (amdgpu drivers)
INFO 2022-09-08 21:39:15,047 [startup.update_runtime:213]:Startup complete
DEBUG 2022-09-08 21:39:15,157 [lutriswindow.update_store:437]:Showing 0 games

this seems to have nothing to do with the install afik. Though I followed the directions. I will try and figure out how to run the command within the proper parameters. Please advise.

there is no debug log (in the UI, following forum directions) because there is NO right sidebar as it will not install.

I have nothing installed but base lutris. Zero modifications have been made, no other software is used by lutris.

Tried to search stop code with no success… at least not that helped.

please be patient with me as this is my first time using lutris. Thanks in advance.

can provide more info with instruction.