Fully move Lutris to an external drive -- Feature Request?


I know how to select external paths in the configuration files but was wondering if were possible to avoid files being parked in cache etc.

Essentially what is constraining me is that my Home Partition (not used for Gaming) is on the SSD inside the laptop (hard to change as on wrong side of motherboard) and I would like to use an external SSD for all the installs. However as my home partition is quite full I need to put lutris cache externally with one symlink, need to link lutris config or installs in another location and then installations still seem to fail due to low disk space.

Would it be possible to either have a ready configuration for any caching (thinking 25GB witcher 3 here) and any other disk space checks, or the ability to fully install any and all data onto a separate partition (rather than loads of individual symlinks).

thanks a bit log winded and probably I am missing something, also saw the other questions about external drives but feel this is a bit different


You can mount a folder onto another folder (regardless of which drive each of them is on)… It was done with mount -b, I believe. You can also put it into /etc/fstab to be set up on system startup or something (with the type bind). I’d also advise moving/linking all Lutris folders into one place (and then copy/mount/whatever to anywhere you want). Those would be:

  • ~/.cache/lutris (downloads and tempfiles, most of it can be moved to tmpfs really)
  • ~/.config/lutris (settings and runner configs… you can skip it as it’s a few Kb only)
  • ~/.local/share/lutris (libraries and runner files)
  • also the folder(s) where you install games (Steam uses its own folders regardless of Lutris config)

And if it takes too many actions and you need to do it often, you can make a script to do it for you.

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Thanks I seemed to have done it wrong in my first 3 tries, was able to download and start the Witcher3 !