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Hello to all,
I’m using Lutris for gaming.
I would like to activate the Fsync option. To do so, I need to patch the kernel. How do I do it please?
Please note that I don’t want to use liquorix and xanmod kernels. It causes me big slowdowns or even crashes.
I am using a ryzen 1600AF and 32 GB of RAM with Ubuntu 20.04.3.
Thanks to you!

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That’s already in the Linux 5.16 kernel, which is at -rc7 and soon to be released.

You can get a 5.16-rc7 Ubuntu kernel from there.

What you’d want are linux-image, linux-modules, and linux-headers .deb packages from the amd64 directory

I think you stand a better chance of pulling that off, than finding a patch set that will work with the ubuntu distro kernel and compiling it. You’d want to do it their way, if you did.

Thank you. I will wait!

I don’t use Ubuntu, and I compile my own kernels my way but I’ve been using Linux 5.16 since -rc3 to get the new fsync (the old futex_wait_multiple patch set I was previously using won’t work for fsync on current lutris wine runners, which need the futex_waitv code for fsync)

I’m pretty sure installing those kernel .deb packages will add them to your boot loader (grub?) rather than replace the current kernel stanza so it should just be a matter of booting with your old kernel if the results aren’t good.

P.S. I noticed there’s generic and lowlatency kernel packages in that directory. If doing it, try the lowlatency packages. That’ll probably be better for audio defects and stuff.